About the conference

At the ISLAMCON 2024 conference (online) we will take a self critical look at the state of Islamic countries in the 21st century:

How do they perform in terms of peacefulness, social progress, economy and ecology / sustainability compared to other countries in the world, especially in comparison to secular states?

To discuss the topic - which should also include the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - you are invited to look up Islamic countries in the following worldwide Indexes:

It is an urgent matter to explain, why Islamic countries often are ranked poorly in these statistics - and what efforts can be made to reach an open minded "Islamic Golden Age" again, as it is described e.g. by Islamic scholars Ahmet Kuru und Mustfa Akyol.

Work in progress

This conference is being prepared by a group of students of Islamic studies in Europe. It is still work in progress. We will provide contact information here soon.

One focus will be how Islamic countries perform in the Global Peace Index.